National Father's Day Celebration at Rumah Main Cikal Bintaro

"The heart of a child is beautifully designed to respond to a father's love."


Bintaro, 12 November 2019. Father's Day Celebration is a momentous reminder to express and to recognize the figure of becoming a father as well as the paternal bonds. It is happening in many countries from all over the world with their special story as well as the range of appreciation. In Indonesia, Father's day celebrate on November 12th, 2019.  

Playing with Daddy 

On behalf of celebrating father's day, Rumah Main Cikal Bintaro have run a playful activity under the them "Playing with Daddy" on October 31st, 2019. This activity held each three months to increase the paternal bonds between father and son or daughter. Playing with Daddy is a program at Rumah Main Cikal aimed to attained healthy dimension of 5 Stars Competencies. Children and their fathers can learn about the importance of healthy life-style. 

Rumah Main Cikal Bintaro invited every child's father to spend time by playing water and by telling stories. Hereby, children can learn to feel the love and connection with their father, as well as they can can also learn to socialize with other people. 

When asked to tell about the feeling of this activity, Panca emphasized that the activity provides the pleasing ambiance not only for him but also for his child. "Playing with Daddy activity is so enjoyable. For me, this activity is quite good for helping children to socialize, and it apparently looks on my child now. He looks so happy." Panca, Feda's father, said.

Beside Panca, Fatih also demonstrate his support to Rumah Main Cikal for making another activity like Playing with Daddy. "This activity, for me, is amazing. It makes us getting closer to our child, as well as knowing about the teacher. For me, this activity must be run again to strengthen the paternal bonds as well as to be a learning and development platform for children." (SF)

Happy father's day! 

Thank you for loving your children unconditionally.