Sekolah Cikal Students Express Their Enthusiasm in Learning Eco-Friendly Business

Jakarta, 16 Desember 2019. As Community of lifelong learners, Sekolah Cikal always facilitate its students to learn and to have an understanding about how to make an eco-friendly business by conducting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) Fair 2019 on December 11th, 2019. What does that mean STEAM Fair? STEAM Fair is a subject showcase based on 4 learning programs, consisting of Sains, Technology, Technic, as well as Mathematics. 

From Hobby to Business 

Through the theme “When Business Meets Nature”, Sekolah Cikal support students to raise their awareness towards environmental issues by making an Eco-friendly product. Students are fascinated with this event where they can partake in seminary session, workshop session, as well as business competition with other school. 

Anggi Puspita, as STEAM Fair Coordinator, amphasis that there are two keynote speaker who attend in the seminary session, they are Singgih Susilo Kartono (A product designer that has been awarded for his masterpiece, Spedagi originally from bamboo, and Magno Radio made by wood), and Syarafina Santividya from Evoware (an Enterprise that produce Eco-friendly product from seaweed).

As one of the keynote speakers, Singgih Kartono tells his product background that actually coming from his hobby in cycling. "Starting from my daily routine in cycling for being healthy, and perceiving that Indonesia actually has been enriched by bamboo, but not used like USA. From that moment, I realized that we should make Bamboo Cycle." Singgih, who had been awarded Good Design Product on 20018 category Innovation/Pioneering and Experimental Design in Japan, said.

Uncommon question 

Singgih express his feeling after partaking of STEAM Fair 2019. According to him, this event is great in which should be continued not only for Cikal but also for young generation in wider community. He is also amazed of students enthusiasm while asking question, he finds that at Cikal students are mostly giving the unusual question like other school.  

“I consider that young generation like Cikal's students need to meet more expert or to conduct other events related to environmental issues, along with business. Nowadays, we called it Social Enterprise since it will be more prominent not only for now, but also for the future." Singgih explained. 

Attaining Dimension of Competencies

Anggi Puspita, as Coordinator of STEAM Fair, elucidates more about STEAM Fair in connection with Dimension of Competencies.  “STEAM Fair event is definitely beneficial for students, since every activity is reflecting several Cikal dimensions." Anggi said. She also gives several examples of dimensions like Intellegent, Innovative and Coorperative. “When they know how to love the environment is a positive way to protect the world. It can lead them to be more open-minded." (sfa)