Cikal believes that every child has their uniqueness to learn and to grow. We collaborate with parents to nurture each of children potential through our personalized and competency-based curriculum.

We notice every child's need and consider that they will get the best learning process to attain Cikal 5 Stars Competencies. With two stages learning process, consisted of Early Intervention stage (For the early age children) and Functional stages (For Primary to Middle years student program), we strive to maintain the learning process of every child and its development.

SSC Program Groups have classes with smaller teacher: students ratio (1:1 and 1:4) and can be chosen by non-SSC student who has challenges in learning, socio-emotional aspects and or self- regulation. To allow more flexibility for students, SSC program groups are implemented blended. Online: offline percentage for SSC Program Groups are 30 : 70. The online percentage can be less than 30%, depends on the nature of the program, for example, SSC Therapy Program Group. The online materials for SSC Program Groups include:  Tips, Strategies, and How-Tos for caregivers at home.