We are a community of lifelong learners whom you can trust as a friend to empower your children being successful beyond schooling; whom your children can stay happily and safely to learn and play. We are made to grow since 1999 by Najelaa Shihab and Dewi Soeharto, who believe that the future awaits young great generation to lead and to create a harmonious society.

For about 20 years, we have emerged the extensive programs to unfold every child’s potential for what they love. Hereby, we may not know what the future will be, but we know how to generate the outstanding children to encounter it, with their fine competencies and characters.

We are a Community of Lifelong Learners



One of the biggest challenges of the future will be on how to emerge the readiness in the young generation to face the highly-competitive situation.  We are born to make a difference through everything we do, and for every member of our community (Educators, Students and Parents)  in every single day with Cikal 5 Stars Competencies.

One day, through our aim, we firmly believe that every child will be ready to understand; to fulfil their needs and to successfully face the future as a whole person since we always practice what we preach.

cikal 5 stars

Cikal 5 Stars Competencies are:

  1. Self-regulated learner
  2. Emotionally, spiritually and morally rich
  3. Skilful and an effective thinker
  4. Broadminded and physically sound
  5. Empowering member of just, sustainable and peaceful global society

To measure our learning outcome, we explore and support children's potential through 5 ways (5Cs) and apply it through 14 dimensions of competencies. The 14 dimensions of Cikal are:

cikal missions




Cikal believes that the key point of being a lifelong learner is putting knowledge, skills, attitudes as well as concepts into practices and actions.

cikal curriculum circle

What is the meaning of each circle?

Center Circle: Student Goals (Cikal 5 Stars Competencies)

5 Stars Competencies are the aim of Cikal that has been further detailed into 14 dimensions of competencies to measure learning outcomes of every student.

Middle Circle: Cikal Way (5Cs)

The second part of Cikal Curriculum Circle is the Cikal Way that adopted through every learning process. Cikal 5Cs are:

  • Characterized
  • Comprehensive Concept
  • Constructive Continuity
  • Challenging Choices
  • Community Context

Outer Circle: Cikal Programs (Personalized Cikal Programs)

Sekolah Cikal has a self-directed Program and Practices consist of the Core and Required Learning Areas. Students (together with teachers and parents) choose from the list of programs and practices according to their individual target and needs. Also, we nurture their greatness by using personalized approach supported with digital integration.



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