Rumah Main Cikal Bandung


Located in Jalan Bengawan, Rumah Main Cikal Bandung designed for children since the age of 10 months to 4 years to be long-life learners. Within this place, children at an early age will be able to explore and learn through play-based activities. Cikal believe that the dedicated teachers will be able to lead the class and create the comfortable atmosphere for every child's learning process. We strive to develop students competencies to attain our aim, 5 Stars Competencies. 

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19 Feb 2020 | News

Cikal Bincang-Bincang Episode 1 : Time Spent Playing to Tauten relationship

We are pleased to present Cikal Bincang-Bincang Podcast episode 1 on Spotify!On...

17 Feb 2020 | News


Dear Papa, MamaWe are pleased to share with you our Booklet that...

17 Feb 2020 | News

Université Rennes 2 Student Visited Sekolah Cikal Cilandak

Jakarta, February 17th 2020. A student from the Master of Education Program...

10 Feb 2020 | News

Nurturing Self Regulated Learner

“Study skills aren't the point. Learning is about one's relationship with oneself...

8 Feb 2020 | Event

Cikal Main-Main Rumah Main Cikal Bandung

Dear Papa Mama, We are pleased to inform you that Cikal Main-Main will...

30 Jan 2020 | News

PYP Year 5 Exhibition, The true actions towards society

Jakarta, 30 January 2020. Education is not solely about preparing students to...



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