Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya


Welcome to Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya. Located in Jalan Jl. Lontar No.103, Surabaya, Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya has been well-designed in the comfortable circumstances and the safe location for children to learn and to play. Within Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya, the dedicated teachers always support children in developing their potential and character based on 5 Stars Competencies. Hereby, we strive to make the learning process as fun as possible. So, children will enjoy learning like at home with parents. 

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Update Information - Contact Cikal
Due to Large Scale Social Distancing Policy, Sekolah Cikal is currently learning and working from home. Therefore we are sorry that we can't be contacted via our office phone line. For more info about the school, please contact our WhatsApp number below:
Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya - 0815-1550-1010



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Jl. Raya Lontar No. 103, Kelurahan Lontar, Kecamatan Sambikerep

Phone : +6231 7527 9000

E-mail :