Inclusion Program

Every child is unique, including children with special needs. As a lifelong learning community, Sekolah Cikal provides various programs to support children with special needs.

These programs aim to support the achievement of learning goals and self-development, as well as developing their life skills as part of the community

Inclusion programs and membership type at Cikal consisted of two types:

  • Full time

Early Intervention, Academic Student Support Center, Student Support Center Functional, Student Support Center Personal Development, Student Support Center Vocational, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program

  • Part-time

Academic Enrichment, Personal Development, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program

Update Information - Contact Cikal

Due to Large Scale Social Distancing Policy, Sekolah Cikal is currently learning from home. For more info about Inclusion Program at Sekolah Cikal  please contact our WhatsApp number below:

  • Program Inklusi Cikal Jakarta : +62 877-2555-4100
  • Program Inklusi  Cikal Surabaya : +62 815-1550-1010