Inclusion Program

Every child is unique, including children with special needs. As an inclusive school, Sekolah Cikal provides various programs to support children with special needs.

These programs aim to support the achievement of learning goals and self-development, as well as developing their life skills as part of the community

Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal programs and membership types consisted of two types:

  • Full-Time Membership 

Early Intervention, Academic, Functional, Personal Development, Vocational, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program

  • Part-time Membership 

Academic Enrichment, Personal Development, Therapy, Enrichment, Family Program

To have a better understanding of how Inclusion programs work at Cikal, please find the introduction about Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal with Husnul Chotimah as Principle of Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal. 

Further information about programs and enrollment, contact our membership team through the WhatsApp number below:

  • Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Jakarta : +62 819-755-5588 (whatsapp)

  • Pendidikan Inklusi Cikal Bandung : +62 815-7595-7599 (Whatsapp)

  • Pendirikan Inklusi Cikal Surabaya : +62 815-7595-7599 (whatsapp)