Date : 12 Oct 2019

Dear Parents,

how do you pick the best school for your children? what is your consideration about it? 

Selecting the best school, according to Najelaa Shihab as the founder of Sekolah Cikal, is the most crucial thing to be well-considered by Parents. The midpoint of parents consideration must be selecting school where it is suitable to their children's needs as the real subject of education.  One of the best ways to pick up the finest school for your children is trying to be involved in Open House Program. 

Cikal, as a community of Lifelong Learners proudly present Cikal Open House 2019. This month, it will be held twice on October 12th, 2019-- in every site of Sekolah Cikal (Sekolah Cikal Cilandak, Sekolah Cikal Serpong, Sekolah Cikal Setu, Sekolah Cikal Surabaya), & several sites of Rumah Main Cikal (Rumah Main Cikal Serpong, Rumah Main Cikal Cilandak, Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya), and on October 19th, 2019 -- in Rumah Main Cikal Pakubuwono, Rumah Main Cikal Bintaro and Rumah Main Cikal Bandung. 

Within this activity, Parents are able to partake in every single session, such as Class Simulation, School Tour, Meet Cikal Alumni as well as perceiving student's exhibition. How about Q&A session? Do not worry, we also provide that session along with other activities. So that, you are free to ask questions in order to know more about our Curriculum and our culture. 

At Cikal, the learning process conducted is always connected with every child's need as well as their competency. How about Cikal teaching methods? Our teaching methods has been successfully run through 5 Cs (Characterized, Comprehensive Concept, Challenging Choices, Constructive Continuity, Community Context). 

We believe that through our Personalized, Competency Based Curriculum each child have their own learning targeted according to their development stages-- we called it through 9 Development phase of Children Competencies.

Dear Papa mama, do you still wonder about how our school work?

What programs Cikal provided?  

How Cikal Personalized Curriculum works?

How about the learning process, or daily culture in Cikal?

Let's join our Open House on this Saturday, October 12th, 2019!

Let's be part of our community as lifelong learner!



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