Personal Project Exhibition Sekolah Cikal Setu

Date : 10 Mar 2020
Venue : Sekolah Cikal Setu

Sekolah Cikal is proudly present "Personal Project Exhibition Year 10" under the theme "Cherish Passion, Inspire Others". Personal Project (PP) Exhibition is an inquiry learning final project that encourages students to be involved and to be aware of their surroundings.

Within this Exhibition, students are enthusiast to present their ideas in making projects or products related to Social, Arts, Science, and other great worth masterpieces in front of the people, including their parents, friends, and media. Hereby, passion is becoming the key to every project done by students. Students did not tailor to memorized the theory, they grow to think more about what activities related to their passion that will be useful to their society.

Here is a glimpse of students masterpieces related to their passion: inspired by a novel by Oliver Sacks, Achazya Tanaya Rayna or more known as Tanaya create a book entitled Mirror-into the Minds and Lives of Schizophrenics to lessen the prejudice towards schizophrenics through a book. 

Another great work comes from Ainaa Dewi Faadila, she creates an extended Play (EP) album known as Jelajah Nusantara dedicated to every child in Indonesia as well as to promote Indonesian culture diversity through songs. She made an Extended Play (EP) as her product for her project that consists of four songs, such as Nusantara, Jogja, Labuan Bajo, and Toba.

Wondering about the rest of the projects? You may find it here
Do not miss out on the date! See you there. 

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