Sekolah Musik Cikal : Kelas Musik Ukulele

Date : 20 - 22 Nov 2020
Venue : Dari Rumah aja

Special design online class program for parents and teachers!

Ukulele is an ideal musical instrument to accompany us in singing or also to accompany other melodic musical instruments.
In accompanying children to sing, it is very important to use one of the accompanying musical instruments to maintain stably the basic tone of the singer. This is a good start to learn to play the ukulele for teachers and parents.

Learning the ukulele is not complicated. We just need to memorize the finger positions on the left hand and play a variety of strumming on the right.
Let's learn to play the ukulele instrument, so that we can play children songs in daily learning and teaching activities!

Prepare your musical instrument!
See you in the Sekolah Musik Cikal class!