Update Information to Contact Cikal

Dear Papa, and Mama,
Due to Large Scale Social Distancing Policy, Sekolah Cikal is currently learning and working from home. Therefore we are sorry that we can't be contacted via our office phone line. For more info about the school, please contact our WhatsApp number below:

  • Sekolah Cikal Cilandak - 0818-902-570
  • Sekolah Cikal Setu - 0811-1156-599
  • Sekolah Cikal Serpong - 0813-8637-2559
  • Sekolah Cikal Surabaya - 0815-1550-1010
  • Rumah Main Cikal Cilandak - 0811-1723-551
  • Rumah Main Cikal Pakubuwono - 0877-2555-4100
  • Rumah Main Cikal Bintaro - 0852-1773-6993
  • Rumah Main Cikal Serpong - 0853-1315-9590
  • Rumah Main Cikal Bandung - 0813-2076-3026
  • Rumah Main Cikal Surabaya - 0815-1550-1010
Whether you would like to obtain detail information about Cilkal, either program information, school fee or enrollment process in each site. You may contact us through that number. Please, Stay Safe.  

With love,