IBDP Art and Film Exhibition Sekolah Cikal, A Reflection to be more Creative and Innovative

Jakarta, March 6th 2020. As a part of student assessment in Visual arts and Film programs, year 12 students have been presenting their masterpiece in fine arts during Visual Arts and Film Exhibition International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) Exhibition, Sekolah Cikal Setu on March 6th-8th, 2020, at Hadiprana Art Gallery.

An exceptional experience, A place to learn 

As the coordinator of the Middle Year Program (MYP) and the Diploma Program, Atikah Syahrina elucidates that this exhibition is a yearly exhibition for assessing students potential throughout the learning process.  

This exhibition aimed to get more feedback from the attendees, as opposed to getting a tangible score. "This exhibition is part of the IB assessment needed for students in the Visual Arts and Film program. IBDP Exhibition can also be a platform and an experience to get substantial value and feedback from the public." She said.

About Human, About Us

Fifteen students unfolded various aspect within their great work. Some issues uncovered are about identity, human life, as well as world issues that we, as human, encountered with. 

Some of the students who present the art of human are Rania Hadiani and Dian Kirana Rukmi. Through "Eternal Sunshines, A journey to Happiness" Rania illustrates the self-actualization within her life, while Dian explores more in psychological aspects of a human being in "Hu-Man".

Every masterpiece reflects an emotion

As a principal of Sekolah Cikal Setu, Ranny Kartabrata says that students are facing several steps in making their works. She also adds that every handiwork reflects their social and emotional skill. 

"I can perceive that student's social and emotional skill has been well-developed. Their interest somehow has been unfolded from an early age. Hence, you can see every story of their lives within their artwork." (sfa)