Nurturing Self Regulated Learner

“Study skills aren't the point. Learning is about one's relationship with oneself and one's ability to exert the effort, self-control, and critical self-assessment necessary to achieve the best possible results--and about overcoming risk aversion, failure, distractions, and sheer laziness in pursuit of REAL achievement. This is self-regulated learning.”
― Linda B. Nilson, Creating Self-Regulated Learners: Strategies to Strengthen Students Self-Awareness and Learning Skills


We, at Sekolah Cikal, believe that learning should begin with the end in mind. Therefore, upon developing our curriculum we begin with the subject of the learning: children. And we think of what the output of the learning that we wish to achieve, which is an individual with commitment, self - reliance and the ability to reflect. What does a self-regulated learner look like? At one time and another, we have observed self-regulated learners.

The self-regulated learner is goal-oriented, capable to commit to his/her goals, and in doing so, he/she is enthusiastic and eager to keep developing him/herself in many aspects. You may spot these learners arranges his/her priorities in completing duties. They respond with curiosity and efforts to setbacks or challenges and are able to discover successful strategies to work independently and adaptively. More importantly, they understand what needs to be improved and how to do it. 

In the school context, we train these young minds to be the master of their own learning through various the channel, from classroom activities such as daily reflection journal, home projects and goal-setting activity to the school-wide program, such as peer mediator, student librarian and club activities. In the journey of learning every single initiative counts, and often it’s a matter of quality rather than quantity. We ask rather than tell, listen rather than talk, are involved rather than judge.

Written by: Academic Team Sekolah Cikal