Understanding "Unity in Diversity" in Sekolah Cikal Surabaya

Jakarta, March 16th 2020. We live in a world where diversity is the greatest blessing that we encounter, where differences are the way to be more respectful and united. As a community of Lifelong learners, Sekolah Cikal always strives to encourage its students to be tolerant of differences and to raise awareness in making a peaceful society within Indonesia.

Making Pop-Art Paper of Religions 

As a Religion teacher in Sekolah Cikal Surabaya, Ahmad Zaenuri elucidates that creating a display of different artworks of religiosity is a way to introduce diversity, and value of humanism within every religion (Islam, Christian, Catholic, and Budha).  "We, as human, will always live in differences. So, the understanding of religions must be told interactively, it will not be monotone or only one way," explained him. 

Students are encouraged to create a poster, pop-art Paper, as well as paper- art to present it towards their friends in different religions. Zaenuri also adds that this way can be a great prompt to raise their curiosity and their critical thinking by unfolding discussion with their friends. 

Religion Assembly, A positive way of tolerance 

As a deputy of School Director, Hasto Pideksi explains that Sekolah Cikal Surabaya always conducts the religion assembly where every student of different religions can learn and interact with other religion to increase their understanding of tolerance. Within this assembly, Hasto also elucidates that this event invites some religious leaders. Hence, students can explore more about unity in diversity idea in Indonesia. 

Sekolah Cikal, Generate Future Leaders. 

As an inclusive school, Cikal always urges the importance of tolerance which can be perceived in every interaction of different religions within the school. Through the aim of 5 Stars Competencies, Cikal prepares students to be not only becoming a mindful human being, but also respectful and tolerant future leaders that will be retaining the value of Unity in Diversity on Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. (sfa)