Issues in School Learning By Omar Kaleel Kalandra, Year 5, Sekolah Cikal

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Here are examples of how kids are struggling in school.

Online school happened because of Covid 19 spread. In online school, students experience many issues during online learning. One of them is distractions around us. There are 2 solutions to this problem, 

  1. If you're getting distracted by stuff from your device, make sure to close the tab of those applications.

  2. If the distractions are about the items surrounding you before class tidy up the items surrounding you, and then you will be more focused. 

Students have the advantage of sneakily playing some games that the teacher cannot see, and have the advantage to cheat in class without the teacher noticing. The students can have internet problems and, audio and also camera problems.

Students wear glasses more because of looking at the screen. Teachers and students can be late because of connection problems. In my opinion, time management is really hard Because we have other stuff to do such as, helping our family or, doing chores or a lesson.

One of the students’ problems in online school is the loss of social contact. The tip for not struggling in school is, to upgrade your online presence, We can also use a schedule to help organise our day. Students sometimes don’t get motivated in online learning. Internet problems can also be an issue. If that happens, try resetting your router or, if your in the zoom, turn off the video so it will be less laggy..

“Education is the key, to unlock the golden door of freedom.”

George Washington Carver

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