How to Educate Our Children About Corona?

In response to the coronavirus outbreak in Indonesia that has been advancing fastly. We, as a community of lifelong learners, are pleased to share with you some of the ways on how to introduce and educate children about Corona Virus within this current condition. Given below are the tips, Happy reading!
  • First and foremost, let us invite our children to start the discussion on Corona Virus, by telling them what makes this virus spreads, in which place this virus has been spreading, and how to prevent the virus. 
  • As parents, there is no denying belief that giving children a good understanding of how Corona Virus can be cured is important. Parents should let children know that this virus can be prevented as well as is curable.
  • Next step on how to educate our children is by encouraging them to practice a healthy lifestyle. Telling them that washing constantly their hands and consuming balanced nutrition is essential in countering the virus.
  • Do not worry to tell them about social distancing in the matter of keeping them away from the possibility to be infected with the coronavirus. Let them know and give them a good apprehension of social distancing urgency for a while, with a real example, for instance, avoiding a crowded place, and online learning for a while at home
  • Last but not least, showing them good practice in facing this condition. Well, becoming parents means that you are always trying to teach your children much best practice in making them mindful children.
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Stay healthy, Stay Safe, and Stay at home!
With love,